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About me

My favorite thing in the whole world is being a mom to my boy. Yes, only one.  I hail from a large family and have always had children in my life.  Growing up I always had a camera on me taking pictures of my younger siblings, family events, and parties.  After my son was born he became my favorite subject whether he liked it or not. 


I was lucky to have a father who also enjoyed photography; he taught so much about lenses and light.  My husband, who is the techie of the family supports my passion and helps me with all the fun technical stuff the camera can do. 


As a teenager, my interests was dance and art.  In college, I took  a few photography courses thus bringing me to what I love to do.


Experimenting with the camera will never end for me, there are always new things to discover through the lens and I am thrilled to experience art this way.

Angela Randall



Morgan Stanley

"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow"


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